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Funerals at S. Bartholomew


What can be done to prepare for death?
If a member of your family or a friend is close to death please remember that the parish priest Fr Card-Reynolds is available to come to be with them to pray, to anoint, to give Holy Communion and gently prepare them for their parting from this life to the next.

What should I do if I need to arrange a funeral?
The first thing to do is to contact the parish priest, Fr Card-Reynolds by telephone 020 8800 1554. If it would help we are happy to recommend Undertakers who we know to have a good reputation and who experience has shown offer a professional service. If you have already been in touch with an Undertaker please ask them to contact Fr Card-Reynolds.

Who can have a funeral at S. Bartholomew?                            We conduct funerals at S. Bartholomew for those who live in the local community/parish (see map), those who are members of the congregation and those with a close connection with the church or parish. Fr Card-Reynolds is also available to conduct funerals in cemetery and crematorium chapels.

What are the advantages to having a funeral in church?  There is greater space in church and no need to rush the funeral service. There is also the possibility in church to offer a Requiem Mass as part of the funeral and to receive the body of the deceased into the church the evening before the funeral for him or her to rest before the altar over night. The atmosphere of a church is also very different from a crematorium and cemetery chapel in that all of life is celebrated in a church – baptisms, weddings, all of the weekly and yearly services as well as funerals. A church symbolises all of life, of which death is a part.

How much does it cost?                                                                    The church seeks to keep its fees to a minimum. The Undertakers will handle all payments. The costs will depend on the decisions you make about the funeral service and especially the type of coffin you choose. The church does not ask of a fee for the funeral of a child.

Is help available for planning the funeral service?               Yes, the priest will guide you through the planning stages for the service. The funeral service has a set form or liturgy and within it we can include hymns, a eulogy, tributes, readings, music, a Requiem Mass, a viewing and other forms of participation. It is best not to start planning the funeral service until you have spoken with the priest so that you are aware of all the possibilities – let us help you. Please note that it can only be the parish priest who conducts the funeral although others are welcome to take part.

Is there help in bereavement?                                                       Yes, when we lose a loved one it can be one of the hardest times in life. Bereavement can take many forms and can last a long time. Even if we feel we are coping well with a death, suddenly things can change. This is totally normal. It is very important to talk about bereavement. Please remember that the parish priest and the other pastoral ministers are available for you. All discussions are treated as confidential and please do not feel embarrassed if you wish to talk about the death of someone that happened many years ago.


Following the Funeral is it possible to hold a reception at S. Bartholomew’s Church?
Yes – the church has a meeting room with an associated kitchen, hallway and two WCs. In the summer months it is also possible to have access to the Thanksgiving Garden at the front of the church. Hire rates and arrangements can be found on this site at Venue Hire. The Garden Room can accommodate 40 people, an additional 50 people can be accommodated in the Crypt Chapel – if the garden is being used many more can be catered for. See Venue Hire on this website for details.