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Pastoral Care


An important part of the ministry of S. Bartholomew is the pastoral care and support we offer. It is work shared by many in the church. We very much encourage you to be in touch and let us know if you, a family member or friend would like to be visited or would like to meet to talk with someone at the church. Living as we do in the middle of a huge busy city sometimes the networks of knowing our neighbours are weak and people’s needs can go unnoticed, so it’s helpful if you contact us. Please do not hesitate. The parish priest Fr Card-Reynolds, lay reader Evelyn Nero and the pastoral assistant Merlyn Pusey are all here to help.

Blessing homes
If you would like to have a new home blessed with prayer and sprinkled holy water please talk to Fr Card-Reynolds.

Receiving Holy Communion at home or in hospital
It is a great comfort to remember that even if illness or disability keeps us from coming to Mass at church we can still receive Holy Communion in our homes or in hospital. Please be in touch with Fr Card-Reynolds to arrange a visit.

Anointing the sick
If you should like to be anointed with holy oil and prayed over during a time of sickness please speak with Fr Card-Reynolds. This can be a great comfort and source of reassurance. It is especially appropriate to receive this before an operation or during a time of treatment.

Care for the dying
If you believe that a loved one may be close to death or seriously ill please be touch with Fr Card-Reynolds. The Church has special rites to help people prepare for death that can bring great peace and strength.

Prayer for the sick and the dead
Each Sunday at the Parish Mass the names of those who are unwell are prayed for. We also pray for those who have died recently and those whose anniversary of death fall at that time. If you would like us to keep you or anyone you know in our prayers you are very welcome to let us know.